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Find Encouragement in Christ

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When “If” Means So Much More

I’ve been thinking about a phrase in the Bible that I have passed over too many times.  It reads “if there is any encouragement in Christ” (Philippians 2:1).  The grammar of the original language says it much stronger — “Since there is such encouragement in Christ.”

My heart wanders around too often as if it were lost in a desert of discouragement, searching for just a taste of something that could refresh it in some way.  And I keep passing over this spring of living water “since there is such encouragement IN Christ.

And God keeps saying every time I pass over it — “Find all the encouragement your heart can contain IN My Son Jesus.  Find it by fully tapping into all that I offer you IN Him.”

The skipped-over phrase means this:  He is literally the answer to everything in your life.

I’m not exaggerating:  He is your bread of life. He is your light in the darkness. He is your life. He is your shepherd, protector and guide. He is your resurrection and confident hope.

  • He created you. He sustains you. He loves you fully, completely, forever.
  • He died for you. He rose again for you. He is willing to forgive you fully, completely, forever.
  • He removes the guilt and the stain and the shame of sin fully, completely,  forever.

He helps you. He strengthens you. He builds you up IN Him.
He is your peace, your joy, your way and truth and life.

In Him you live and move and have your being.
In Him there is no fear.

In Him you are the righteousness of God.
In Him you have confident hope.
In Him you will never be put to shame.
In Him you may approach God with freedom and confidence.

In Him all the promises of God are ‘yes.’
In Him you are made complete.

Why do I think I’m thirsty when an abundant spring is flowing all around me?  There is  abundantly more than enough encouragement to get you or me through a thousand life times each — since there is such encouragement in Christ.

Get His encouragement operating in your life by getting in His presence; get saturated in all this truth and start declaring your faith in it; ask Him to help you begin experiencing the reality of living and breathing IN Christ.  Give it time — and this reality will grow large in your heart and life.

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