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A Credibility Hard to Ignore

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A Credibility Hard to Ignore

I find the story of Malcolm Muggeridge hard to ignore.

He was an agnostic journalist during the height of the Cold War. He traveled to Russia to write about the death of Christianity. The last day of his trip happened to fall on Easter Sunday, so he went into a church.

During the service he watched a Russian priest stand and recite the oldest liturgy in the Christian faith, “Christ is risen.” And the people in the jam-packed gathering resounded, “He is risen, indeed!”

He stood as a witness of the unmitigated joy on their faces in the midst of such a hard and oppressive life; and he instantly knew that Communism was doomed and that faith in God would triumph.

And we know it now too. And that same faith also took root in Muggeridge; later he became a deeply devoted follower of Jesus Christ.

Why? Because he SAW a real credibility of faith in the joyful faces of people who had no human reason to be joyful.

A Reason for Faith in Christ

It’s one of the reasons I pursue faith in Christ. There is a credibility in the lives of people I know who have been changed by faith in Him. It’s a kind of credibility that transcends debate between Apologist and Agnostic. It’s the argument of a life changed by faith.

It’s hard to ignore the credibility of a genuinely changed life. Wait, I know, I’ve seen my share of hypocrites, frauds and fakers, too. But they simply do not contradict the genuine joy, peace, humility, and courage I have seen in people I know who have placed their faith in Christ. They are hard to ignore, impossible to explain away.

Faith in Christ can genuinely change you in meaningful and good ways.  I talk more about it here: