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Following Jesus Through Holy Week

Holy Week and Easter

The culmination of Jesus’s earthly life was a single week in the spring of possibly 33 AD. Jesus entered Jerusalem at the beginning of the week of the Jewish Passover feast. Before the week ended, Jesus was first hailed as a king, then put on trial as a blasphemer, and then executed as a traitor.

The week is called Holy Week or Passion Week. Jesus was deliberately moving events around Him toward the cross, toward the offering of His life for ours. He would then rise from the dead to show us His power over sin and death. All four gospel biographies of Jesus record the events of that week.

Holy Week Readings

It is incredibly meaningful to follow Jesus as He walks through that week. Let me encourage you to return here each day of Holy Week and read the experience of Jesus for that day. As you read, allow God’s Spirit to speak to you about all that Christ has done for you by His going to the cross in your place, and what it means for you that He arose from the dead.

Here are events as they unfolded in the gospel of Matthew. The dates and times are simply estimates.

Holy or Passion Week from the Gospel of Matthew

Gregorian Date



Sunday, 29 March 33 Approaching Jerusalem On Colt (Hosanna!) Matt 21:1-9
Jesus at the Temple Matt 21:10-17
Return to Bethany Matt 21:17

Monday, 30 March 33 The Cursing of the Fig Tree Matt 21:18-19
The Cleansing of the Temple Matt 21:12-13

Tuesday, 31 March 33 The Fig Tree is Withered (Morning) Matt 21:20-22
The Question about Authority Matt 21:23-27
Resurrection Debate with the Sadducees Matt 22:23-33
The Great Commandment Matt 22:34-40
Jesus’ Lament over Jerusalem Matt 23:37-39

Wednesday, 1 April 33 The Plot to Kill Jesus Matt 26:1-5
Judas’s Betrayal Agreement Matt 26:14-16

Thursday, 2 April 33 Passover Preparations
(3-5PM Slaying of Lamb)
Matt 26:17-20
The Last Supper (SUNSET) Matt 26:21-35
The Garden of Gethsemane Matt 26:36-56

Friday, 3 April 33 Trial Before Caiaphas Matt 26:57-75
Trial Before Sanhedrin, then Before Pilate Matt 27:1
The Road to Golgatha Matt 27:31-34
Jesus’ Crucifixion (9AM-3PM) Matt 27:35-50
Jesus’s Death and Aftermath Matt 27:51-58
Jesus’s Burial Matt 27:59-60

Saturday 4 April 33 Jewish Leaders Requests Guard from Pilate Matt 27:62-66

Sunday, 5 April 33 Jesus Appears to The Women at the Tomb Matt 28:1-10
The Report of the Guard Matt 28:11-15

*image credit: Thomas Hawk